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hello my name is mary

Welcome to Hiimmarymary Wiki!

This is a wiki for the horror webseries/ARG Hi I'm Mary Mary (hiimarymary), which spans both Youtube entries and Twitter posts.

In June of 2016, a young woman called Mary found herself trapped in a familiar house, with almost all of her memories gone. The windows were unbreakable, and the doors locked. Connected to the internet through a notebook, but without being able to reach out anyone, and armed with a camera, Mary started registering her new routine as she attempts to make sense of her situation and of a few strange occurrences in the house.

During the day, nothing happens.

But at night, things are very different.

Starting Out

If you're new to the series, it is recommended that you start with Mary's Twitter; you can find it here: [1] (and the first post here: [2]). The Youtube videos are always linked on the Twitter, which means that you won't miss them out even if you don't go to the channel itself, but you can find itl here if needed or preferred: [3].

Soon, a Reading/Viewing Order page will be made.


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